Making the Most of Deposits for Non-Profits and Community Organizations

By Brad Thomson, Commercial Account Manager

As a non-profit or community-based organization, reducing costs and earning a higher return on the money you have in your accounts are likely two items that are often on your mind. Streamlining efforts can have a big difference in your day to day operation. As a banking institution committed to investing in community-based organizations, it’s something that we think about every day at CUA. Choosing where you do your banking is an important decision that likely affects the day-to-day management of your organization and can have a significant impact to your bottom line. Here at CUA, we work with you to understand your goals and offer specialized banking products that will help you achieve what matters most.

When I have the opportunity to meet with non-profits, I make it a priority to share these key banking benefits available to community organizations:

  1. No Charge for Items Within a Deposit - No matter what the size of your organization, we do not charge additional fees for processing of deposits in our community accounts. This could directly save your non-profit money and here’s why: many accounts at other banking institutions charge user fees based on the cash and cheque volumes they deposit. These fees can add up quite quickly especially for a larger non-profit or community-based organization. As you know, it’s common for non-profits to receive cash and cheque donations and with CUA, you do not have to pay additional fees on those deposits. We appreciate your commitment and your contributions to our community and reward you with no additional fees on what you deposit.
  2. Premium Interest Rates on Deposits - There’s another benefit when it comes to deposits for non-profit organizations at CUA – we offer premium rates of interest on the money that is deposited with us. So, not only are there no limits on deposits, your organization receives higher interest for the hard earned money that you deposit with CUA.
  3. Specialized Packages - CUA has a wealth of resources to support non-profit and community organizations, including customized banking packages and flexible products and services. In addition to not charging for items within a deposit, the “my Community Chequing account” has another very attractive feature, it’s FREE, offering up to 30 transactions per month at no charge. This package is designed to support local, community groups and non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the community.
  4. Shared Values - Like so many non-profits, the core of CUA’s operation is our community and the people we serve. CUA is proud to be a strong contributor to the community and our values are centred around our members. Besides specialized bank accounts for non-profit organizations, we offer additional resources that could benefit your organization, including our Community Investment Grant Program, the Community Partners Program, as well as account managers who will work with you directly as you grow and help to understand your mission and how we can assist to make your goals a reality.
Whether your organization is just starting out, or expanding and growing, our specialized banking products can help make the most of out of your deposits. I am always happy to meet with new and existing members to discuss tailoring a financial package. Contact me about your business needs any time at or phone 902-492-6500 for more information.


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