Vision, Mission and Values


The Vision of CUA speaks to what we aspire to be and what we hope to achieve in the future. It answers the question, "if we consistently deliver on our mission, day after day, what will that eventually enable us to achieve?"

CUA's Vision is: Strong Members and a Strong Community.

We believe we deliver this Vision because:

  • CUA puts our members first in everything that we do. The financial well-being of CUA’s customers is the Team’s first priority. 
  • CUA’s tailored products and services can more directly support the achievement of financial goals than one-size-fits-all offerings. CUA looks at the whole picture and provides flexible solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. 
  • CUA staff are experts in what they do, and will provide sound advice to guide customers toward achieving their full financial potential. 


Our Mission articulates why we exist and our core purpose as an organization. It reflects what staff strive to accomplish each day as they interact with members, directly or indirectly.

CUA's Mission is: We are the trusted and enthusiastic guide that empowers members to achieve their full financial potential.


Our Team is committed to delivering on these Core Values:

Core Value What Does It Mean To Us?
Smart We strive to be the financial expert that every customer uniquely needs.
Responsive We go the extra mile for our customers, and we always step up to a problem and do whatever we can to solve it right away.
Trusted We always give honest advice to our customers that is in their best interest. We believe honesty is an important part of building trust and relationships.
Genuine We are friendly and sincere, and we follow through on our commitments to customers and colleagues so that we all succeed.  We are empathetic and non-judgmental in our interactions with customers.
Flexible We think on our feet to find creative solutions and apply our knowledge in a way that ensures we leave our customers and community better off.

We believe in the cooperative philosophy and are guided by these seven cooperative principles:

  1.   Voluntary and open membership.
  2.   Democratic member control.
  3.   Members' economic participation. 
  4.   Autonomy and independence.
  5.   Education, training and information.
  6.   Cooperation among cooperatives.
  7.   Concern for the community.

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