Supporting Local Businesses

CUA supports local businesses in a number of ways beyond providing specialized financing solutions. CUA offers its expertise and advice, and uses the strength of its networks to collaborate and partner with them on various programs and initiatives. In addition, as a locally-owned and operated banking institution, CUA contributes over $8.4 million to the local economy through its own spending in Halifax. 

With its Community Partners Program, CUA partners with over 240 local businesses to offer special incentives to its membership that encourage local spending. In return, the businesses receive free in-branch advertising and promotions on CUA’s website and social media, as well as unique partnership opportunities on various programs and campaigns. 

Through the Buy Local, Bank Local initiative launched in 2014, CUA made a commitment to support local, member businesses in every area of its operations and successfully transitioned over 90% of its suppliers to Halifax-based vendors. The remaining vendors could not be transitioned due to there being no local or member alternative for the particular good or service. CUA also developed a suppliers listing for all staff to refer to when purchasing any goods or services. For each good or service that a staff member may order, CUA provided a list of local companies to be used.

CUA is also a proud member of I Love Local HFX, a group of community-minded businesses in downtown Halifax that are dedicated to supporting and strengthening our community by making Halifax an exciting and vibrant place to shop, eat and live. Through this partnership, CUA partakes in the annual City Harvest and Open City events, and invites its local business members and Community Partners to set up pop-up shops outside of its Spring Garden Road Branch to promote their businesses.

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