Behavioural Cash Flow Management™ Program

Helping you find more life in the money you already have

Have you ever felt like saving for your short and/or long-term goals sometimes feels like an impossible feat? Do you feel like you try to manage your money, but aren't sure where it goes each month?

If this sounds like you, now may be a great time to learn more about CUA's Behavioural Cash Flow Management Program.

We've partnered with local financial technology firm CacheFlow to help you stop money leaks on things that may not matter, so you'll have the money you need for the things that do. 
Along with advice on budgeting and financial planning goals, the Program uses CacheFlow's software to translate real-time conversations into a Behavioural Cash Flow Strategy, offering a personalized household strategy with specific advice on personal spending, along with recommendations on how much you can spend to still reach your financial goals, both near and far.

A fifteen minute conversation with one of CUA's Financial Advisors could change your life.

Contact the CUA team today to find out more about discovering opportunities in your cash flow to fund your dreams. To set up a meeting with your Financial Advisor, call 902.492.6500, or email

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