Emergency Funds

Life's surprises are sometimes exciting and sometimes costly. An emergency fund is money that is set aside to pay for any unexpected expenses that don't fit into your monthly budget.

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Be prepared for any surprise with an Emergency Fund - we'll help you get started.

  • Set up an Automatic Funds Transfer for a minimum of $50 a month (or $25 bi-weekly), deposited into a savings account.
  • CUA will contribute $25 to your first deposit.
  • Special rate of 1.2% on new emergency fund accounts
  • Accounts opened by June 30, 2019 will be entered into a draw to win $500 in cash.

Using emergency savings

Savings can help cover the unexpected costs in any of these situations (and more):

Dog ate your couch Bald winter tires Fluffy's check up & x-rays
Average cost: $900 Average cost: $500 Average cost: $300
Leak in your roof Broken hot water tank Pool repair in summer
Average cost: $650 Average cost: $800 Average cost: $1,000

Do you need emergency fund bootcamp? Join Major Savings for some savings tips:


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