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As a full-service banking institution, CUA recognizes the importance of providing easy-to-access technology and continues to invest in enhancing the online and mobile banking experience. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Self-Serve PAC Reset, a service feature that allows you to reset your Personal Access Code (PAC) from your own device at any time.

How It Works

To reset your PAC, click the “Forgot password?” link found at the bottom of the login screen of online banking or the Mobile Banking App and follow the on-screen instructions. To verify your identity, you will need your Membership Number used to log in to online banking, your date of birth or the last three digits of your SIN. This information must match what is contained in the Banking System and was previously provided by you. You will also need your device with which you receive your 2-Step Verification code.

Need more information? Follow these step-by-step Instructions for using Self-Serve PAC Reset »

Please note, you must be enrolled for 2-Step Verification before you can reset your own PAC. Learn more about 2-Step Verification »

What information do I need to reset my own PAC? Expand/Collapse

Using the Self-Serve PAC Reset feature is easy. You will need your Membership Number (the same one you use to log in to online banking) and either the last 3-digits of your SIN or your date of birth.  This information must match what is contained in the Banking System and previously provided by you.  You will also need to have your mobile phone or email address that you use for 2-Step Verification, as you will need to receive and enter a verification code to confirm your identity. Learn more about 2-Step Verification »

How is my information protected if I reset my PAC online? Expand/Collapse

Self-Serve PAC Reset is safe and uses secure information. It also uses 2-Step Verification to keep your information secure.

I tried to reset my PAC using the self-serve option but got an error message. Why did this happen? Expand/Collapse

There are a couple of reasons why you may have received an error message. Firstly, to use Self-Serve PAC Reset, you need to activate 2-Step Verification. This feature helps to confirm your identity during the Self-Serve PAC Reset process.

If you are registered for 2-Step Verification and are still receiving an error message, contact our Customer Contact Centre at 902.492.6500 or at, as some of your details on file may need to be updated before you can access this self-serve option.

I have a small business account. Can I use the self-serve option? Expand/Collapse

No, unfortunately not. This feature uses date of birth or the last three digits of your SIN to verify your identity and small business accounts don’t contain this information in the Banking System.

Am I still able to contact CUA to have my PAC reset? Expand/Collapse

Absolutely! You are always welcome to contact CUA for support, including help resetting your PAC.


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