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Banking With CUA
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Banking With CUA

What types of accounts does CUA offer? Expand/Collapse

CUA is a full service financial institution offering a full line of personal chequing and savings accounts for personal and business members.

What is the transit and institution number for CUA? Expand/Collapse

CUA’s transit number is 33373 and the institution number is 839.

Transit and institution numbers are required for setting up direct deposit. You can download a copy of the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form here.

What is the nine-digit Routing Number for wire transfers? Expand/Collapse

Click for instructions to send a wire transfer to CUA (PDF).

Where are the CUA branches (and ATMs) located? Expand/Collapse

You can contact CUA by visiting one of our eight branches or Commercial Centre, by phone (902-492-6500 or toll-free 1-800-474-4282), by email (, or by mail (350-7105 Chebucto Road, Halifax NS, B3L 4W8). You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your hours of operation? Expand/Collapse

All CUA branches are open Monday to Friday. Our ATMs are accessible 24 hours a day. View individual branch hours of operation »

How is CUA different than a bank? Expand/Collapse

Our members experience a different approach to banking as a member of CUA. We offer a full range of financial products and services - just like banks - but our focus and priorities are different. Because our focus is on helping members reach their full financial potential, members can always expect sound advice from our financial experts. We’re also focused on our communities. Our board of directors consists of community members, we invest profits back into our neighbourhoods, and we develop products and services that have a social impact. We know our members by name, we understand their goals and dreams, and we are always looking for opportunities to make a difference.

Can I do my banking at different credit unions in Atlantic Canada? Expand/Collapse

As a CUA member, you can walk into any credit union and expect the same professional service you receive at your home branch. Remember to bring your account information and valid identification to complete transactions with another credit union.

Can I do my banking at any credit union across Canada? Expand/Collapse

Whether you’re working in Alberta or vacationing in British Columbia, we have you covered from coast to coast with more than 3,200 ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® and ACCULINK® networks. As a credit union member, you can access your accounts and perform deposits, withdrawals, transfers, balance inquiries and PIN changes at any one of these ATMs.

Account Setup & Administration

How do I open an account with CUA? Is there a cost to become a member? Expand/Collapse

Opening an account with CUA is easy. You can open an account online, call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500 or visit a CUA branch near you. To activate your account, you'll need to deposit $5.00. It will be held in a separate account and, if ever you choose to close your account, it will be refunded.

What is my account number? Expand/Collapse

Your account number is issued to you when you first open your membership with CUA. It is also the number you use to log into MemberDirect Online Banking. If you are uncertain or if you have forgotten your account number, please call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500.

How do I get information on my account (i.e. transaction history and balance)? Expand/Collapse

You can access your account information several ways, namely MemberDirect® Online Banking which includes MemberDirect® Mobile Web Banking, MemberDirect® Text Banking, and TeleService® Phone Banking. By logging onto MemberDirect® Online Banking, you are able to review the last seven years of account history - including transactions - for chequing and savings accounts, term deposits, RRSP, RRIF, loans and mortgages. Once logged on, navigate to “Accounts” then to “Account Activity”. CUA also offers environmentally-friendly online e-Statements, a paperless and secure alternative to receiving traditional paper statements in the mail. E-Statements are stored online and available for seven years. You can also access your account information by visiting one of our ATMs or, if you would prefer to speak to a teller, visiting a branch near you.

How do I register and log in to MemberDirect® Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

If you are not currently registered for MemberDirect® Online Banking, please call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500 or visit any CUA branch. More information »

How do I set up direct deposit for my employer? Expand/Collapse

Every Canadian with a bank account is eligible for direct deposit should their employer offer the service. To set up direct deposit with your employer, provide them with either a void cheque or a direct deposit authorization form. To request a direct deposit authorization form, you can call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500, visit a CUA branch near you, or through MemberDirect® Online Banking.

How do I set up direct deposit for Government of Canada payments? Expand/Collapse

The Government of Canada is switching from cheques to direct deposit, which means you’ll always receive your funds on time, direct to your bank account. For information about how to set up your Government of Canada direct deposit, visit

How do I set up a pre-authorized payment? Expand/Collapse

Paying your utility bills or setting up pre-authorized withdrawals will ensure your bills are paid on time, automatically, at a regular interval of your choosing. To set up automatic withdrawal with your bill supplier, you’ll need a pre-authorization form. Call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500, visit a CUA branch near you, or request your form through MemberDirect® Online Banking. Log in and complete this form (Note: In the message field, please indicate that you require a pre-authorized payment form).


Can I deposit a cheque without visiting the branch? Expand/Collapse

CUA members can deposit cheques quickly and securely from their Apple or Android devices through CUA’s mobile banking app. To download the app for free, search for CUA Mobile Banking in the App Store or Google Play. Learn more about how you can Deposit Anywhere »

Why has CUA placed a hold on my cheque deposit to my personal account? Expand/Collapse

Holds are placed on cheques when the cheque cannot be verified by our staff or, alternatively, if there is insufficient funds in your account to cover the cheque amount. A temporary hold is normally placed on deposits made through an ATM after hours, until staff can verify the deposit. The decision to hold funds is typically based on a number of factors including length of time you’ve been a member, your account balance and transaction history. The hold period is designed to account for the time it takes for most negotiable items to clear back to the financial institution they are drawn on. Speak to a CUA representative about overdraft protection or automatic hold release by calling our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500 or by visiting any CUA branch.

How do I stop a payment on a cheque? Expand/Collapse

You can request a “stop payment” on an individual cheque, on a series of cheques, or on the next pre-authoried debit in a series that you have pending on your accounts by using MemberDirect® Online Banking or at your branch. A fee may be applied to the stop payment order.

Money Transfers

How do I transfer money to another person? Expand/Collapse

CUA offers several options to transfer funds to another person. Through both MemberDirect® Online Banking and MemberDirect® Mobile Web Banking, you have the option to directly transfer funds between your own accounts, to another CUA member, or to an individual who banks with another financial institution by selecting Transfers. To transfer funds to a non-CUA member, select Send Interac® e-Transfer (see next question for more information). Bank wire payments are another option for large transfers and for funds being sent internationally. Bank wire payments can be arranged by visiting any CUA branch.

How do Interac® e-Transfers work? Expand/Collapse

Interac® e-Transfers allow you to send money within minutes to anyone with an email address and an account at a Canadian credit union or bank. Once you provide the amount, the recipient’s name and email address, along with the answer to a shared security question, the recipient will be notified of the transfer and will be prompted to deposit the money immediately through online banking. If the recipient does not use online banking, these funds can still be deposited into their account within three to five business days, for an additional fee. Your money remains safe throughout the process as it never actually travels by email - email is only used to notify the recipient, providing them with instructions on how to deposit the money you’ve sent. The shared security question you create with the recipient ensures that only they will have access to the money you’ve sent.

How do I transfer money between financial institutions? Expand/Collapse

We offer several options to transfer money between financial institutions like banks or credit unions, including withdrawing and depositing cash, cheque, draft, money order, or using MemberDirect® Online Banking. Through online banking funds can be transferred between your accounts, you can transfer to another member, and you can use Interac® e-Transfer which allows you to transfer funds to any other financial institution.

Rates & Fees

What are your service charges? Expand/Collapse

Service charges are fees that are automatically applied to your account, and vary based on the type of accounts you have. View our service charges »

Is there a cost to use ATMs at other locations? Expand/Collapse

CUA members have access to 15 “ding-free” ATMs (view map) in Halifax and the surrounding communities which are operated by CUA, Manulife and HSBC. For maximum flexibility, download the CUA Mobile Banking App for free on the App Store or Google Play (available for Apple and Android devices).

What are your current rates? Expand/Collapse

Rates are subject to change without notice and should always be confirmed by a CUA representative. Rates for products including savings accounts, RRSP, RRIF, GICs, prime, lines of credit, overdraft protection and mortgages can be found by visiting our rates page »

What are the foreign exchange rates? Expand/Collapse

CUA offers exchange rates for a number of different currencies including the USD, British Pounds, Euros and others. As rates can change without notice, please call our Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500 or visit a branch near you.

What is your deposit insurance coverage? Expand/Collapse

As a provincially regulated credit union, CUA’s deposit insurance is provided by the Nova Scotia Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (NSCUDIC). Members are guaranteed for deposit insurance coverage up to $250,000 with CUA, which is approximately 20% more than that offered by banks.

International Travel

Can I access my accounts and use my debit card when traveling internationally? Expand/Collapse

While you may incur additional usage fees in some cases, our convenient services are in place to provide you with instant access to your money. You can access your account internationally using a variety of methods, namely MemberDirect® Online Banking which includes MemberDirect® Mobile Web Banking, MemberDirect® Text Banking, and TeleService® Phone Banking. ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale networks include NYCE®, ACCEL®, THE EXCHANGE®, Cirrus®. Point-of-Sale network purchases in the United States will allow you to access your chequing account only. Ensure your chequing account is activated on your MemberCard® if you plan point-of-sale purchases in the United States. Your MemberCard® can be used worldwide, however, it is important to notify CUA of your travel plans outside of Canada (including to the US) to ensure uninterrupted service (read more about how to notify us below).

How and why do I need to notify CUA of international travel? Expand/Collapse

CUA is committed to protecting members from security risks and fraud. Providing notice to CUA will minimize the risk that your travel-related debit and credit card purchases may be blocked and declined as potentially fraudulent transactions. To register your notification, call the Customer Contact Centre at 902-492-6500.

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