Student Banking

myChequing Student

Tuition, books and everyday necessities can add up. That’s why at CUA, you’ll bank for free. CUA’s myChequing Student account is designed especially for students attending college or university.


  • No monthly fee, including 30 monthly transactions
  • Five free e-Transfers

Student Loan or Line of Credit

CUA's Student Loan or Line of Credit offers students the help they need to cover the costs of tuition, books and day-to-day living expenses.


  • Competitive interest rates starting at prime + 1%*
  • Amounts up to $70,000
  • Pay only the interest while enrolled in school and for the first 12 months after graduation
  • Loans may be amortized up to a maximum of 15 years

*Rates may be subject to change and without notice. Certain conditions may apply.


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