Member Referral Program

It pays to refer someone new to CUA

With flexible products, personalized solutions and quick decisions, CUA wants to help your favourite people learn more about the better way to bank. As a member of CUA, you are our best promoter and we're excited to introduce a number of new changes to our Member-To-Member (M2M) Referral Program.

  • Refer someone online!

    You can now refer your favourite people to CUA by using our new digital referral platform. Signing up is quick and easy and you can include a personalized note to your contacts via email, text, social media or a direct link.
  • Rewards for all.

    Now, every successful referral will result in a $25 deposit into your account, and new members will also receive a waived account package fee for six months.

Prefer to stick with a hard copy? Pick up a Referral Card by visiting any one of our eight branch locations.

Terms & Conditions

Individuals who are referred to CUA through CUA’s M2M Referral Program will receive six months of no recurring monthly account package fees.  For the duration of the promotional period, members will receive a rebate equivalent to the recurring monthly account package fee amount for the product selected that will be deposited to the account on the 28th day of each month.  Members are responsible to ensure the funds deposited on the 28th day of each month during the promotional period remain in the account to cover the regular account package fee withdrawn on the last business day of the month per CUA’s normal billing cycle.  The member remains responsible for any fees not included in their selected account package, including those resulting from unauthorized overdraft amounts.  The promotional period begins the month in which the new CUA member opens their account.  For example, if a new member opens an account in June, they will begin paying the recurring monthly package fees in December (having had the fees waived in June, July, August, September, October and November).

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