Making your business more energy efficient

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Taking steps to improve energy efficiency with your business can positively impact your company’s bottom line, can increase staff morale, demonstrate an environmentally responsible attitude to the public and of course, benefit the environment.  Once you make certain upgrades, your business may also qualify for LEED certification, a standard achieved by a number of local organizations, including the Canada Games Centre in Halifax or the NSCC Waterfront campus in Dartmouth.

Are you wondering about ways to become more environmentally friendly?  Try one (or all) of these green products and methods:

  • Heat pumps:  Heating and cooling costs can add up. Whether your business uses electric heat, oil or another method, heat pumps are a great alternative.  They use a fraction of the energy compared to other methods and will save you money in the long run. Learn the facts about heat pumps.
  • Solar energy:  Solar energy is a great way to power your business and your initiatives while also making an environmentally friendly change. While the initial set up may be expensive, making the switch to this clean and sustainable power is a great way to reduce your operating costs in the long term. Learn more about solar energy options.
  • Fuel and energy efficient vehicles:  If your business relies on having vehicles available for staff, you can reduce your environmental footprint by exploring fuel and energy efficient vehicles.  Learn more about vehicle financing options through CUA.
  • Other options:  Ensure your heating and cooling systems, regardless of age, receive regular maintenance and provide employees with power consumption guidelines to ensure that lighting and equipment is not using power unnecessarily during closed or inactive times.  Doing both of these things will help reduce energy usage. For more suggestions, you can visit Efficiency Nova Scotia's website. They also offer a program called the Efficiency Trade Network, to connect you with qualified professionals.

Whether you are investing in energy efficient upgrades to reduce monthly expenses or your carbon footprint, we welcome the opportunity to help you with our special Go Green financing.  One of the programs we are able to offer is the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program, which can help empower small businesses.  Learn more about our Go Green initiative here, by giving us a call at 902.492.6500.

Revised Jul. 5, 2021

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