Your CUA Debit Card

Access your money whenever you need it with your CUA Debit Card. In addition to making purchases safely and conveniently using the Interac® Direct Payment system, you can use your debit card to access funds at thousands of automated teller machines (ATMs) around the world and here at home.

Your CUA Debit Card connects you with the largest, safest, and most efficient debit network available in Canada – the Interac® Direct Payment system. Your CUA Debit Card, which gives you direct access to your accounts, enables you to make purchases at any merchant displaying the Interac® Direct Payment sign.

Your CUA Debit Card, combined with your personal identification number (PIN), provides access to CUA and your account(s) wherever you are. Together, they are the keys to open the door to your financial vault – be sure to keep them safe.

Interac Flash® Payments

With Interac Flash®, CUA Debit Card holders can place their card in close proximity to the debit machine to make contactless payments for purchases. It’s the fastest way to use your CUA Debit Card. Learn more about Interac Flash®.

Your CUA Debit Card’s “Chip”

Your CUA Debit Card is equipped with an embedded microchip that improves the security and minimizes the chance of fraud.  Essentially, your CUA Debit Card communicates with CUA each time you use it, to authenticate a transaction.  Chip technology offers enhanced security with every transaction. Being placed in the terminal for the entire purchase enables your Card to communicate with CUA to verify the card and its credentials match up.  Your Card also stores and processes data that is extremely difficult to copy or change, therefore minimizing the chance of debit card fraud.  This is an important reason why “chip and PIN” confirmation is often required to enable certain changes to a CUA Debit Card – it verifies the card is being used by the proper Card holder.

Access to your CUA Accounts, 24 Hours a Day

Your CUA Debit Card will work at any Canadian credit union ATM, or any ATM that’s part of what we call the “Ding-Free” (no surcharges!) Network.  Find a Ding-Free ATM.
Lost or Stolen CUA Debit Card?  

If you can’t find your CUA Debit Card, or you suspect it has been stolen, contact call 1-888-277-1043 or contact the CUA Customer Contact Centre if during regular business hours (1-902-492-6500).  


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